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Development Status Of Nonwoven Fabrics
Apr 11, 2017

In recent years, China's non-woven fabrics industry development faster, production and sales volume to achieve rapid growth, but in the development process also has some problems, such as low mechanization rate, slow industrialization process, and other problems, the reasons are manifold, in addition to management system, marketing factors, weak technical force, lack of basic research is a major obstacle. Although it has accumulated abundant production experience in recent years, it has not been theoretical, it is difficult to guide mechanized production.

China's infrastructure construction projects continue to increase, these projects require a large number of geotextiles, filtration materials, waterproof materials, packaging materials, its consumption-pulling effect is evident. In addition, the increase of domestic consumer income will also strongly stimulate the consumption of various sanitary absorbent products and air filtration materials, medical and hygiene products and labor insurance style supplies. Therefore, China's nonwoven industry has a great potential for growth in the future.