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What is the difference between spunlaced nonwoven fabrics and non-woven viscose fabrics?
Apr 12, 2017

Spunlace nonwovens Concept: Spunlace nonwovens, also called Spunlace nonwoven fabrics, also called "jet spray mesh into cloth." The concept of "jet spray network into cloth" originates from the mechanical acupuncture process. The so-called "jet Spray network" is the use of high-pressure water puncture into the fiber network, the fibers intertwined, so that the original spunlace nonwoven fabrics to loose fiber network has a certain strength and complete structure.

The technological process is: fiber metering mixing-open loose miscellaneous-mechanical clutter carding mesh-fiber mesh-water-needle-coated-surface treatment-drying-coiling-inspection-packaging warehousing. Jet Spray Network device is the use of high-water thorn non-woven manufacturer of high pressure flow jet fiber mesh, fiber network to rearrange, intertwined, become a complete structure, with a certain strength and other properties of non-woven fabrics. The physical properties of this spunlaced nonwoven cloth bags differ from the common needle-punched nonwoven fabrics, both in the tactile and microfiber non-woven fabrics, and are the only non-woven fabrics that make their final products similar to textiles. The superiority of the water Thorn method:

There is no extrusion of the fiber mesh in the process of spunlace, which improves the swelling of the final product. Do not use resin or adhesive, thus maintaining the inherent softness of the network; the product's high degree of wholeness avoids the fluffy phenomenon of the product; Fiber mesh has higher mechanical strength, can reach the textile strength 80%~90%; Fiber mesh can be mixed with any variety of fibers. Particularly noteworthy is that the spunlace fiber mesh can be combined with any substrate, made into composite products. can produce various functions according to different use.

The advantages of spunlaced cloth: 1, soft, drape good, 2, good strength, 3, with high moisture absorption and speed moisture; 4, low-raising sex; 5, wash-resistant; 6, non-chemical additives, 7, similar textiles. The prospect of spunlaced cloth: Because of the advantages of spunlaced cloth, it has become one of the fastest technological progress in non-manufacturing industry. The development direction of non-woven fabrics is the substitution of textile and knitwear, the water thorn cloth with its most like the characteristics of textiles, excellent physical properties, inexpensive advantages to become the textile market competition with the most potential areas.

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