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How to distinguish the true and false of non-woven fabrics
Apr 12, 2017

1. To see the Turner bag of non-woven

Everyone should be aware of the non-woven bags in the process of stitching is quite important, inexpensive non-woven bags in order to save the cost of the locomotive is usually only a single line, hiring inexperienced workers to make the product suture line is not straight or even run line.

2. See non-woven gram

The grams here refers to 1 square meters of non-woven weight, the heavier weight of non-woven fabrics, the more naturally the thicker the stronger, for ordinary enterprises to promote the non-woven bags for the cost of most of the use of 80 grams of non-woven fabrics, 80 grams of non-woven fabrics can be reused 10 times, feel thinner 70 grams can withstand 4-5 kg weight, 80 grams can withstand 5-6 kg weight, and so on.

3. To see non-woven fabric

A good quality non-woven bags not only strong and durable, but also will be very good-looking, take in the hands of the grade, the majority of non-woven bags are used in the market screen printing, silk screen printing non-woven bags cheap, clear lines, in addition to man-made factors have an important indicator is that pigments, some unscrupulous manufacturers choose inferior dyeing agent caused non-woven bags and even a pungent odor.